Imagine you did not have to drive over or across the city to find and buy your favourite brands! Imagine there was no possibility of ending up buying counterfeit and weak options!

Beautiful Homes. Stylish People.

An online retailer in Uganda, makes it possible for stylish people to find, buy and receive their favourite new household furnishings and household appliances from the most reputable brands of the world, fast and without going through the pain of long traffic hours and risk of losing money in counterfeit and weak products!

Guaranteed Quality

We sell brand new products from a selection of top brands in the world, with warranty periods ranging from 12 months to 10 years

24-Hour Delivery

No delays! We hand-deliver and ship to our customers across the country within 24 hours from the time of confirming their order.

Easy Payment Options

Pay easily with cash on delivery (for small items) and mobile money or debit/credit card at checkout (for larger orders) and get on playing with your family!

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